This page is where I began to post some poems with mathematical imagery.  Now my BLOG ( has taken over that task.  Still, if you scroll down you will find some interesting titles.  
JoAnne Growney edited NUMBERS AND FACES, a small anthology of mathematical poetry, for the Humanistic Mathematics Network in 2001.   Below (scroll down please)  you will find a CONTENTS page for NUMBERS AND FACES.  Print copies are no longer available but a pdf version of the anthology is available here.   
How I Won the Raffle by Dannie Abse                                         1
My Number by Sandra Alcosser                                                      3
Reservation Mathematics by Sherman Alexie                                  5
Numbers and Faces by W. H. Auden                                               7
Thirty-six Poets by Judith Baumel                                                 8
Fibonacci  by Judith Baumel                                                            9
The Inclined Plane by Nina Cassian                                               11
Numbers by Mary Cornish                                                            14
Geometry by Rita Dove                                                                16
The Parallel Syndrome by Miroslav Holub                                     17
The Fraction Line by Miroslav Holub                                            18
Brief Reflections on Logic by Miroslav Holub                               19
To Myself by Abba Kovner                                                           20
Suicide by Federico Garcia Lorca                                                   21
Figures of Thought by Howard Nemerov                                       22
Ode to the Numbers by Pablo Neruda                                           23
The One Girl at the Boys’ Party by Sharon Olds                           26
Algebra by Linda Pastan                                                               27
Arithmetic by Carl Sandburg                                                         28
Six Significant Landscapes (III, VI) by Wallace Stevens                 29
A Large Number by Wislawa Szymborska                                     30
Pi by Wislawa Szymborska                                                            32
A Word on Statistics by Wislawa Szymborska                               34
The Calculation by David Wagoner                                              36 


Poet John Bricuth has a "mathematical" poem entitled "Talking Big" (in his collection Words Burnished by Music ©2004, Johns Hopkins University Press)  and the poem makes good humor of math terminology.   Here are lines 4-8.5:

We are talking big. Someone has just remarked
That energy equals the speed of light squared.
We nod, feeling that that is "pretty nearly correct."
I remark that the square on the hypotenuse can more
Than equal the squares on the two sides. The squares
On the two sides object.

 Samuel Taylor Coleridge (famous for THE RHYME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER) has a poem entitled "A MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM" that describes the construction of an equilateral triangle.  This difficult-to-find poem is presentied in compressed paragraph format, but the rhymes help one to expand it into verse form.