Here are links to some of my favorite Websites.  Contact me  with your comments.

My longtime friends, The River Poets now meet at Bloomsburg Public Library but for years met for readings at Phillips Emporium in Bloomsburg, PA.

Phillips Emporium :  coffee with warm friendship from owner Helena Griffith -- a Bloomsburg treasure.

 I invite you to visit

my math-poetry blog,

"Intersections -- Poetry with Mathematics"


and to FEAST on the delights

that you find there!


JOMA  (Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications) has recently published "Mathematics in Poetry." 

Artists Florence Putterman and Jessica Baker have fed my imagination and offered art to my website.

At SUNY Brockport, one finds my co-translator, Gabriel Prajitura, whom I have worked with on translation of work by Romanian poet, Nichita Stanescu.

My good friend, Sarah Glaz -- fellow-poet, fellow-mathematician; we worked together as editors of  Strange Attractors:  Poems of Love and Mathematics, an anthology of poems mathematical in structure or imagery, about love of many varieties. 

For The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library, scroll down the Table of Contents to view an array of topics.  If you are interested in Literature and Poetry links, you will find that listing in the right-hand column under Applications/ Connections and, then, Humanities. 

Bloomsburg University Poet Jerry Wemple.  

Jerry Wemple and Marjorie Maddox co-edited COMMONWEALTH: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005.  It contains two of my poems, "Bloomsburg Fair" and "Apollo Is a Pink Town."

Artist "Kaz" Maslanka maintains a Mathematical Poetry blog with an eclectic collection. 

Philadelphia poet and mathematician, Marion Cohen, has a large collection of mathematical poetry. 

James Murray, like me a former River Poet


Stonehedge Gardens -- near Tamaqua, PA -- where one may enjoy nature's beauty and occasional poetry.